Blog Growth Hacks

99+ incredibly simple tasks to build your brand, increase your traffic, and grow your email list to 200+ new subscribers every week

How Will Blog Growth Hacks Help Me Grow My Blog?

The Blog Growth Hacks eBook has been in the works for many years as I have gathered my best tips for growing a money-making blog! Now you get the benefit of all my 'trial and error' activities that I have gained over the years.

 There are so many working parts of a successful blog!

 If your goal is to turn your blog into a money-making business, you need to purchase Blog Growth Hacks now!

It is loaded with the important activities to explode your blog growth that can be easily overlooked. Tweaking just a few things on your blog in your daily or weekly activities and tasks, etc., can make a 100% positive difference and change in your blog growth!

You can fill these gaps in your blog today when you identify them with Blog Growth Hacks!


Specific Tasks You Need To Do Every Week If You Want Your Blog To Thrive In A Short Amount Of Time

Specific Strategies To Use If Your Blog Traffic Is Not Where You Need It To Be

Multiple Strategies To Make Your Day Super-Productive & Gain More Time In Each Day

3 Specific Tasks You Should Be Doing At The Beginning Of Each Month For More Traffic

How To Add Your Website To Search Engines Besides Google For Explosive Organic Traffic

A Super-Simple Strategy To Keep Up With Your Facebook Groups So You Can Utilize Them For More Traffic

The Quick & Simple Way To Get Testimonials To Share On Your Blog

How To Establish Yourself As An Expert In Your Niche - Even If You Are A Brand New Blogger

Blog Growth Hacks Is For You If:

You are serious about growing your blog to the next level, AND you are willing to put in the work to make this growth happen! I give you the actionable tasks, all you have to do is complete them!

You are serious about getting your blog started and you want it to be set up correctly from the beginning to save you from wasting time fixing it down the road.

You got a skeleton blog set up but you feel like there may be some important steps you missed in the process of building a strong foundation for your blog.

You are ready to turn a hobby blog into a business and start making some serious money for the time you have put into writing great content for free.

I'm Ready To Skyrocket My Blog Growth!

Blog Growth
Hacks eBook +
FREE Bonuses

$17 USD

The Blog Growth Hacks eBook will give you the specific activities you need to spend your time on to build a successful, money-making blog. TODAY.

Blog Growth Hacks Is Not For You If:

You are looking for a step-by-step plan to start a blog (I have the perfect FREE eBook ffor you if that is what you need! Get started with the 90 Day Blog Blitz!)

Blog Growth Formula is not for bloggers that purchase a product and then never use it! I want you to use the life out of this eBook to explode your brand and propel you forward! If you work it will work! 

You are looking for super detailed instructions on how to complete each task in the eBook. Each activity has step-by-step directions on how to complete it; however, the steps are not super-detailed (although I offer a link in many to a blog post that goes into extreme detail on how to complete the task!) 

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a new blogger and just getting started building my blog. Is Blog Growth Hacks a good fit for me?

Blog Growth Formula is definitely a good fit for new bloggers! When you are starting out is the best time to create a roadmap for your blog. Blog Growth Hacks is loaded with actionable tasks to put on your calendar as you set your blog success goals.

What do you mean by 99+ activities? How many are there really?

When I started writing Blog Growth Hacks, it was my goal to include 99 hands-on activities and tasks. As I wrote the eBook, the number just kept increasing. I didn't want to cut anything out so I decided to include everything.

At the time the book was published, there were 121 activities and tasks included. However, because this eBook is what I call a 'living document', it is updated frequently so there are likely more than 121 activities and tasks now! (And you get all the updates + new activities and tasks for FREE with your original purchase! Gotta Love That!) 

I have been blogging for several years and look at myself as an experienced blogger. Is Blog Growth Hacks a good fit for me?

Absolutely! Blog Growth Hacks is loaded with actionable steps for every level of blogging! Also, there are numerous tasks a blogger needs to do for routine blog maintenance.

Blog Growth Hacks is a reminder for many of these tasks, along with new ones you have likely forgotten or didn't get around to as a new blogger.

How long do I have access to the eBook and bonus downloads?

Does lifetime sound good? When you purchase the eBook, you can access it on any device you own and whenever you want! You also get FREE access to lifetime updates for Blog Growth Hacks!

I am a hobby blogger. Would Blog Growth Hacks be a good investment for me?

Yes! There are many activities that are designed to keep your website running smoothly. Even as a hobby blogger, you need to keep you blog safe and cleaned up.

How long do I have to download the eBook after I purchase it?

When you purchase Blog Growth Hacks, you have lifetime access to the eBook! Some bloggers view it inside my course platform (Zenler), others want to print it for a hard copy, and some download it as a pdf to keep on their computer so it is always available even if they don't have an internet connection. You can refer back to the information any time you want.

I saw there are bonus downloads in the 'course curriculum'. What are the bonuses and how can they help me?

The bonus downloads include a strategy guide + workbook to help you set blog goals using the activities and tasks in the eBook, and I have also created a checklist that includes every activity in the eBook and the area of your blog it is designed to grow (traffic, income, branding, social media, email list growth, blog to biz and motivation.)

The activity map also includes a formatted blank page for you to include your own ideas (learn how you can get your blog featured inside the eBook when you purchase!)

I have also included a download of the tools I use to run my blog.

What guarantee is available? 

A money-back guarantee is not available on digital products that are ready to download 100% at the time of purchase (you get the entire Blog Growth Hacks eBook immediately when you purchase.)

Course Curriculum

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Hi! I’m Tawna!
I’m mega-stoked to help you on your journey into the blogging world! I have built multiple blogs and 6-figure businesses on the side of being a school counselor, teacher and university professor. I am an open book, and you are my priority, so reach out if you get stuck and let me help!